AVI Awards Criteria

  • Entry criteria
    As part of your entry you will have to submit the following:

    • A clear description of the product/process;
    • The problem the product/process aims to address and the extent of the problem;              
    • The differences between the product and other available products or solutions and how these differences enhance the efficiency and/or effectiveness of the product and/or process;
    • The envisaged commercial and social impact of the product and/or process; and
    • The stage of development of the product and/ or process.
  • Media category criteria
    As a unique category, media entries will be judged on the following criteria:

    1. Concept
      The piece will be judged on its uniqueness, newsworthiness and relevance to the industry.

    2. Coverage
      The piece will be judged in terms of factual accuracy, correctness, interrogation of different angles and whether the piece covers broader societal benefits.

    3. Writing
      The piece will be judged in terms of structure, use of language, distinct style and its ability to be thought provoking.